Gov. Charlie Baker wants the Legislature to finish work on a clean energy bill soon and he's tapped a group of unlikely allies to help get the message across.

Ian Bowles, Rick Sullivan and Maeve Bartlett - all were energy secretaries under former Gov. Deval Patrick - and they're backing Gov. Baker's plan to use more Canadian hydro-power to replace nuclear and other sources that are soon going offline.

Bowles says the alternative, relying on natural gas, comes with economic and environmental risks:

"I would rather create some certainty around this with carbon neutral alternatives like hydro and wind, onshore and offshore as a preferred alternative to simply throwing ourselves at the mercy of the world natural gas market."

Some environmentalists say Baker's plan doesn't include enough solar and wind energy, while power generators say hydro will cost ratepayers too much.

Lawmakers are currently devising their own energy bill and hope to have it done before their August recess.