The cost of a ride on the MBTA is going up by an average of 9.3 percent.

Part of Gov. Charlie Baker's cost-cutting strategy for the T includes increases for fares on the transit system. So the governor's hand-picked board that governs the T voted today to increase fares for most passengers. Hardest hit will be monthly pass holders, who could see even higher prices.

But just before the vote, a group of activists took over the meeting and their chants drove the board members from the room. They eventually returned and passed the fare hikes while the protesters continued to demonstrate.

This meeting is getting hard to hear #mbta— Mike Deehan (@deehan) March 7, 2016


mBTA protest keeps on going....— Mike Deehan (@deehan) March 7, 2016


Mbta protesters promise "we'll be back" and leave— Mike Deehan (@deehan) March 7, 2016


The T says the added $42 million in revenue is needed to help fix its $7 billion backlog of maintenance projects.

The board altered the plan to significantly lessen the blow for bus riders, students and seniors.

The new fares will go into effect July 1.