It’s down to the wire the Iowa caucuses, and former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift is among the big names acting as surrogates for candidates there.

Swift spent the weekend going door to door in Iowa trying to encourage voters to support Jeb Bush in tonight’s caucuses.

“It’s the part of the business I’ve always loved since I ran way back in 1990 for the state senate," she said. "So in some ways, going out and knocking on doors makes me feel young again.”

Swift says she thinks she has managed to change some minds.

“I think it was working, but you know, this is a wild race that’s taken a lot of twists and turns, so a lot of work still to be done in New Hampshire and here tonight in Iowa.”

Swift is among a number of current and former elected officials from Massachusetts who will be in New Hampshire in the coming days to try to influence voters in the primary there next Tuesday.