Physician-assisted suicide is back up for discussion on Beacon Hill, with a new bill set for a legislative hearing tomorrow.

The bill would allow a terminally ill patient with less than six months to live to request lethal amounts of medication from a physician. The bill will be heard by the Legislature's Public Health committee, but Speaker Robert DeLeo, who controls the destiny of most bills, says he doesn't really know if the committee's hearing will lead to a vote.

"I think a lot will depend upon the evidence they hear tomorrow," DeLeo said.

Meanwhile, Senate President Stan Rosenberg supports passing the bill.

"I think we should take a hard look at it and find a construct to find a way to move forward with it," Rosenberg said.

For his part, Gov. Charlie Baker says he's taking his lead from voters — who narrowly rejected a 2012 ballot question on suicide medications — but wants to see where the legislation ends up.