At this point in the 2016 presidential campaign, it feels like every big-name Republican has either announced their candidacy — or announced that they’re going to announce. But there are a few holdouts, including former GOP savior-in-waiting Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor was in New Hampshire Tuesday — and sounds like he’s about to make it official.

Christie isn’t quite the commodity he was back in 2012, before he heaped praise on Barack Obama right before the presidential election, and before the scandal known as “Bridgegate.” But in New Hampshire Tuesday, Christie showed that he remains a force.

"America today is weaker and more vulnerable than we were two weeks ago," he said.

Christie’s 16-minute speech at St. Anselm College focused on national security — and featured a scathing take on Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s push to limit government surveillance.

"Giving stem-winding speeches on the floor of the United States Senate is not leadership," Christie said. "Raising money off of those speeches is not leadership."

Afterward, Christie answered questions on multiple topics with a mix of bluntness and humor. He also said he’ll decide whether to seek the White House by the end of June. And he reveled in his penchant for provocation—saying, basically: Get used to it.

"I’m probably the best-known Republican candidate in America!" he said. "And every once in a while, I say things that make people angry."

Candidate, eh? Sounds like Christie has already made up his mind.

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