What for months was billed as the state’s most exciting primary race came to a lopsided end Tuesday night when Maura Healey won the Democratic nomination for state attorney general, beating former state senator Warren Tolman.

But for Tolman, defeat also brought with it words of wisdom from his most famous endorser, Gov. Deval Patrick.

“He told me that, ‘You know, Warren, what often happens in these situations is another door opens up and you have another opportunity to have an impact doing something else,’" Tolman said in a concession speech. “Well, it won’t be elected office for me.”

After his speech, Tolman reiterated that it wasn’t his own future job prospects that concerned him.

“I worry more about the folks that worked on my campaign, put their life on hold,” Tolman said. “Frankly, I thought I would have been a better leader for the people of Massachusetts. People felt differently about that.”

For the night at least, instead of his next endeavor, Tolman stayed busy hugging and thanking the many supporters who turned out for his election night party, and having a long-overdue stiff drink.