The Massachusetts State House is closed for Independence day, but key budget bills are still pending.

The state budget is now on Gov. Deval Patrick's desk. He has a little more than a week to sign it, veto it or send it back to the legislature with changes. Patrick's spokesperson says budget analysts will work through the July Fourth holiday, combing through the $34 billion spending plan, to see if any changes are needed.

One potential area of disagreement with the legislature is electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card reform. A separate budget bill also on the governor's desk would require photos on most EBT cards and create a special task force targeting fraud.

Patrick would not immediately say if he would allow the measure to become law.

“I’ve got a stack of messages in here today from people who are really concerned about both whether we get the benefits from the cost of photos on cards and about what the impact is on elders and people with disabilities,” he said.

Patrick said he would prefer a more comprehensive approach to welfare reform, along the lines of a bill that has passed in the Senate and is pending in the House. He says he expects significant changes in the welfare system in the coming months.