A spending bill passed by the Massachusetts Senate would reimburse the city of Worcester's police department for providing security at the funeral home where one of the Boston Marathon Bomber's body's was held.

The senate has allocated $47,000 to reimburse the Worcester Police Department, which says it spent that much to provide security at the funeral home that accepted the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Officers provided round-the-clock coverage at the funeral home for six days until the body was moved to Virginia for burial.

State Sen. Michael Moore, a Milbury democrat, filed an amendment providing reimbursement to the city.

“When the situation was ongoing, we received calls from the Worcester police, the funeral home director, officials, regarding the costs they were incurring relevant to providing security to the funeral home because of the protests going on," Moore said.

Worcester police dealt with protesters and demonstrators, some of whom held vigils and signs near the funeral home, while Tsarnaev’s family and public officials looked for a burial site.

The spending bill includes other provisions related to the Boston Marathon bombings. For example, Boston Marathon bombing victims who lost limbs would be eligible to receive payments from the state to help them modify their homes or relocate to an accessible living situation. Another provision would extend benefits to the family of slain MIT Officer Sean Collier. The spending bill now goes back to the House and then on to the governor.