Ed Markey is running against a political novice in Gabriel Gomez, so the Democrat paid little attention to Gomez bringing on Scott Brown for a campaign event Monday night.

"Again, I can only take care of my own campaign," Markey said. "And that’s what I have been doing throughout my 180 days out on the trail."

Had Brown run he would've been a formidable opponent to Markey. Last November, while losing his Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, Brown still won more votes than any Republican candidate in Massachusetts history except one.

Last week he told Fox 25 news he could have beaten Markey.

In Markey's final full day of campaigning, he crisscrossed the state, making stops in Springfield, Worcester, Lawrence and his hometown of Malden.

He highlighted the key issues he hopes will make voters support him.

"This race is about jobs," he said. "It's about a woman’s right to choose. It's about banning assault weapons. It’s about making sure the wealthy pay their fare share. It’s making sure wall street reforms stay on the books."

Voter turnout is expected to be an historic low for a Massachusetts statewide election. Secretary of state William Galvin predicts only 37 percent of registered voters will go to the polls.

But Markey says his campaign is revved up.

"We’re finding a tremendous response across the state," he said. "I just think the experts are wrong. The people really care about this election."

Markey is casting his vote at 10 a.m. in Malden. He will await election returns at Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.