It’s the final day of campaigning and Congressmen Ed Markey is greeting diners at the Pickle Barrel Deli in Worcester.

"Today is the day to finish the job of identifying the vote and getting it ready to go to the polls," Markey said.

Voter turnout is expected to be low a historic low. Secretary of State William Galvin thinks only 37 percent of registered voters will cast a ballot.

But Markey brushed aside the projections and says his campaign has been working hard to get voters to the polls.

"We had $15,000 volunteers over the final five days and we contacted 3 million people in the final five days," Markey said. "I just think the experts are wrong. The people really care about this election."

When asked what are voters more worried about, the Bruins or the election, Markey said there’s room for both.

“I think they’re gonna be rooting for the Bruins tonight and then they’re gonna be voting tomorrow," he said. "And then they’re going to be rooting for the Bruins to win Game 7. I’m convinced the voters of Massachusetts can do both simultaneously.”

Markey also made campaign stops in Springfield and Lawrence. He plans to finish the day with a hometown rally in Malden.