It's been a good couple weeks if your name is Hillary Clinton. Clinton emerged relatively unscathed after giving a full day's testimony on Capitol Hill about the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Later, she and Pres. Obama sat down for an interview on the CBS show 60 Minutes, which came across as either a victory lap for a now-retired Secretary of State, or a high-profile endorsement for a 2016 presidential campaign — depending on your point of view.

But in recently published documents it's made plain that Hillary Clinton has enjoyed behind-the-scenes success as well. Pres. Obama, who beat Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, paid off Clinton's lingering campaign debts in July, to the tune of $250,000.

The Sunlight Foundation is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that tracks campaign cashflow like this. They're releasing their final reports on the 2012 election this week. Bill Allison, Editorial Director of the Sunlight Foundation, joined Kara Miller to talk about the reports.