Governor Deval Patrick gave a pep talk to volunteers for Congressman John Tierney at Democratic headquarters in Salem on the eve before the election. 

“Government has always had a role … in helping to enable the American dream,” Patrick said. “Well the American dream is on the table in this election.”

Patrick said that is why it is critical that volunteers are working to get out the vote.

Tierney said his staff has worked hard to focus the campaign on issues. 

“I think we've managed to get out and reach a lot of families and talk beyond the din to the things that people care about,” he said. 

Both Tierney and challenger Richard Tisei have crisscrossed the district to meet with volunteers and voters. 

In Peabody Square, Tisei and his volunteers held placards and waved at people in passing cars. 

“This is just a great way to wrap up the campaign.  Peabody's a very important city for me so I want to make sure I do extremely well here,” said Tisei.

In the final hours of campaigning, this race has taken on a stark contrast to what it has been known for, for months. Personal attacks, Super PAC money and an abundance of negative campaign commercials. But in the sprint to finish, both campaigns know it’s all about getting out the vote.