In a final weekend push to court voters, Democrat Joe Kennedy and Republican Sean Bielat crisscrossed the 4th District, from Lakeville to Newton. Without any recent public polling, the race’s winner is uncertain.

Sean Bielat spent early Sunday afternoon at Temple Sinai in Brookline, at a voter education forum. Bielat says he hopes residents of the 4th District are focused on qualifications and issues.

“I hope all elections are about qualifications and issues. I’ve spent most of the past decade in various types of businesses. I think right now jobs and the economy are the number one issues that we face in this country. I spent four years in active duty and ten years in reserve in the Marine Corps. I think increasingly national security is a serious concern. And issue positions. I hope people check out our respective Web sites, learn where we stand on things. I don’t talk in lock step with either party. My points, they’re not party talking points," Bielat said.

Just a few blocks away, Joe Kennedy was at a canvass kickoff in a private home, with a special guest: retiring Congressman Barney Frank, who has endorsed Kennedy.

“He has campaigned as hard as it is possible for someone to campaign," Frank said. "He’s campaigned harder than I ever did. He would go door to do, he would doing things that I was, frankly they’re not fun and I wouldn’t do them. He was really almost leaning over backwards to show people that he wasn’t taking them for granted.”

Kennedy thanked his supporters:

“I need every ounce of energy that you’ve got over the next three days. And if we do it right, in the next three days we’ll be able to stand there on Tuesday and I’ll be able ask you to do it again in two years.”

Both candidates are pushing the door-to-door and phone efforts, so expect to hear from them if you live in the 4th district.