Fishing is no small matter in Gloucester — it’s big business. The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange can handle up to 40,000 pounds of fish a day, and the careers of the fishermen who haul that catch are of vital importance to the community.

When Adam Reilly visited Gloucester, he found that locals take fishing seriously — but they’re not afraid to have a little fun. Retired fisherman Paul Cohan even shared a song about the negligence of fisheries law enforcers. In his ditty, Cohan parodies the attitude of "fish cops," singing, “I waste my time on a fisherman’s dime and that’s alright with me.”

Despite the lighthearted nature of Cohan's song, his lyrics belie a dissatisfaction with the regulations and law enforcement of the local fishing industry — and fisherman aren't the only ones taking notice. Senator Scott Brown and Congressman John Tierney are also among a group of politicians working to hold the NOAA accountable for its policing tactics. 

Paul Cohan from WGBH News on Vimeo.