What the Candidates Think  

Obama: The Obama administration says "Too many Americans live without hope for a better future or access to good, family-supporting jobs. President Obama is committed to creating the opportunity for all Americans to grab the first rung on the ladder to the middle class. That includes investing in strategies to make work pay, expanding access to affordable housing, and helping low-income Americans build the job skills to succeed in the workforce." From the White House Web site.

Romney: The Romney campaign says "Any American living through this economic crisis will immediately recognize the severity of the break that Mitt Romney proposes from our current course. He is calling for a fundamental change in Washington’s view of how economic growth and prosperity are achieved, how jobs are created, and how government can support these endeavors. It is at once a deeply conservative return to policies that have served our nation well and a highly ambitious departure from the policies of our current leadership. In short, it is a plan to get America back to work." From Mitt Romney.com

The world's wealthiest nation has 46 million of its people living in poverty, US Census Bureau

Think More About It

Link 1: Wikipedia's explanation of how the American standard of living is computed.

Link 2: Here is agreat articleon the number of Americans now living in poverty, from the Human Resources Journal, Oct. 18, 2012.

Link 3: Here's a comprehensive Pew Research Center's study called The Lost Decade of the Middle Class, Aug., 2012