WGBH News is one sixth of the way through our 30 Issues election feature. It's time to check in on what you think.

The issue that's most important to your vote so far: 
1. Women's health/abortion
2. Job creation
3. Climate change

(Voting on the issues stays open until ... well, until the day you vote for real.)

And here are some more stories of what issues matter to you in Election 2012 and why. Add your issue.

Your issue: Sustainable energy
The government needs to spur investment in this area as a way to create jobs, address environmental threats, and reduce dependence on other natural resources such as oil, etc.
— Joanna R., Melrose, Mass.

Your issue: Controlling the cost of higher education
As with health care, U.S. spending on higher education is more than twice the median, as a percentage of GDP, among the OECD countries.  Yet the overall results are mediocre — as with health care — and the real cost of higher education has increased far more rapidly than health care in constant dollars.  Student debt levels are unsustainable, and education is increasingly becoming a luxury. Recent studies suggest that one third of medical expenditure is unnecessary. Similarly, the real issue with higher education is not lack of funding but lack of cost and quality control.  We cannot afford this kind of inefficiency in a sector vital to the nation's future.
— Philip P., Somerville, Mass.

Your issue: Private student loans
There is a lot of talk about lowering student loan rates, but I believe this talk only refers to the federal student loans. I am a co-signer on my nieces' private student loans and the rate on these loans, especially given that they are exempt from bankruptcy, are usurious. These loans cannot be consolidated or refinanced. They start accruing interest the day they are financed, which means either the student needs to pay the interest while still in school or the accrued interest is added onto the principal amount of the loan. Is there any talk of fixing these loans?
— Judy A., Merrimac, Mass.