Over the weekend, former Governor Mitt Romney's 2011 tax returns got a thorough review — not by the I.R.S., but by campaign watchers and Democratic opponents. The only surprise after their public release is that the candidate didn't claim as many deductions as he was entitled to.

New polls have Romney looking strong among rural voters and the middle class, both good signs for his candidacy, but trailing by a slim margin in the national race. Romney and running mate Paul Ryan will both be in Chestnut Hill later in the week to raise more money to fuel their campaign.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino finally endorsed Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren last Friday, telling the US Senate candidate he "has her back." The endorsement comes at a critical time for Warren, who is in a statistical dead-heat with opponent Scott Brown.

Sen. Brown has kept up his line of attack from the first Senate debate. Brown said Warren should be taken to task for representing Travelers Insurance company as they tried to limit liability over an asbestos lawsuit. It tripped up Warren in the debates, and kept percolating over the weekend.

Joining us to talk through all these stories are former Massachusetts State Treasurer Shannon O'Brien, and former Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Jennifer Nassour.