During the week of Aug. 13, on the heels of a rash of violence in Boston that left five people dead in just 3 days,  police commissioner Ed Davis told a crowd of residents, police and clergy at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury that they were in the midst of a "fight ­between good and evil.” 

The evil? Gangs.

Commissioner Davis is addressing  what police need to win this fight, saying, “We don’t have all the tools we need to attack the gang problem. Even the Supreme [Judicial] Court says the wiretap law needs to be updated." 

Boston City Councilor Mike Ross is heeding the commissioner’s call by introducing a measure that would broaden the use of wiretaps. He joined us to discuss that as well as his opposition to a newly approved redistricting plan that critics say would disenfranchise minority residents by concentrating large numbers of people of color in a small number of districts.

Michael Ross, Boston City Councilor (8th District)