STATE HOUSE, BOSTON — The Massachusetts legislative session is winding to a close. There’s a little more than a week to go and some major bills are still on the table.

The House and Senate still haven’t reached a compromise on a closely
watched bill aimed at bringing down the cost of health care. The sticking 
point seems to be a provision in the House bill that imposes a luxury tax on hospitals that fail to justify their costs. The Senate bill doesn’t contain this. 

Also, Gov. Deval Patrick is still reviewing a controversial crime bill
 that cracks down on violent criminals, but also lowers sentences for some 
drug offenses. Patrick is under pressure from both sides of the issue to
 either veto or sign it. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus want the governor to veto the bill, saying it will lead to prison overcrowding, targets minority groups and
 limits judicial discretion. Supporters like victims’ families and some
 district attorneys say the measure would protect the public from violent

Patrick must also decide whether to veto, sign or let become law without 
his signature proposals that would restrict welfare purchases and require
 proof of state residency when registering a vehicle.

Legislative leaders, meanwhile, hope to approve a casino compact the governor negotiated with the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to build a $500 million casino in Taunton.