Today on Boston Public Radio:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren called in to talk about student loan forgiveness and what is coming ahead for Democrats in the midterms. Warren has been representing Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate since 2013.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on BPR | Oct. 19, 2022

We opened our lines to ask listeners: What is motivating you to cast your ballot on Nov. 8?

Juliette Kayeem discussed the purchase of conservative social media app Parler by rapper Kanye West, and deadly floods in Nigeria over the weekend. Kayyem was the assistant secretary for Homeland Security under former President Barack Obama, and is the faculty chair of the Homeland Security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Her 2022 book is “The Devil Never Sleeps: Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters.”

Juliette Kayyem on BPR | Oct. 19, 2022

Jeremy Hobson discussed his new live, call-in national radio show, “The Middle,” which aims to reach middle America. Hobson is the former co-host of NPR’s “Here and Now.”

Jeremy Hobson on BPR | Oct. 19, 2022

Sy Montgomery joined us for another edition of, “The Afternoon Zoo.” She discussed recent mystery respiratory illnesses in dogs, a new report that finds animal populations have plummeted nearly 70% in the last 50 years and more. Montgomery is a journalist, naturalist and Boston Public Radio contributor. Her latest book is “The Hawk’s Way: Encounters with Fierce Beauty.”

Sy Montgomery on BPR | Oct. 19, 2022

Jim Salge discussed how climate change is impacting fall foliage, and fielded questions from listeners about everything fall foliage. Salge is a foliage reporter, photographer and former meteorologist at the Mount Washington Observatory.

Jim Salge on BPR | Oct. 19, 2022