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Booze-free beverages are having a moment — and no, we’re not talking about your grandfather’s O’Doul’s or sugary sweet mocktails. A wide variety of non-alcoholic craft beers are popping up on liquor store shelves near you, while bar menus are expanding to make space for spirit-free cocktails.

Alcohol sales did spike last year, as Americans drank more during the pandemic. But millennials are driving a boom in the non-alcoholic beverage business, and industry leaders say these drinks aren’t just for the sober or sober-curious. But will the general public make a full culture shift to non-alcoholic drinks?


Bill Shufelt is co-founder and CEO of Athletic Brewing Co., a Connecticut-based non-alcoholic brewery.

Julia Bainbridge is the author of “Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking for Whatever Reason,” and a 2021 Food & Wine “Game Changer.”

Pauline Idogho is founder and CEO of Mocktail Club, a Black-owned non-alcoholic cocktail company based in Washington D.C.