Today on Boston Public Radio:

Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett discussed news around the COVID-19 vaccines, from their slower-than-anticipated rollout in the U.S. to questions of whether vaccine skeptics are right to feel hesitant about getting their shot. She also took time to respond to questions and comments from listeners. Gergen Barnett is the vice chair of primary care innovation and transformation in the Department of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center and Boston University Medical School.

Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett on BPR | Jan. 5, 2020

Next, we opened the phone lines to talk with listeners about Tuesday’s runoff elections in Georgia and the possibility of an end to divided government in 2021.

Carol Rose discussed the upsides and drawbacks to Massachusetts' newly-signed police reform law. She also touched on the significance of the state's newly-passed ROE Act, which expands abortion protections in Massachusetts. Rose is the Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts.

Carol Rose on BPR | Jan. 5, 2020

Then, we returned to the phone lines to hear how listiners feel about returning to office spaces in 2021.

John King broke down the latest headlines on the national stage, from the dual Senate runoff elections taking place in Georgia on Tuesday to the dozens of congressional Republicans saying they’ll contest certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. King is CNN's chief national correspondent and anchor of "Inside Politics,” which airs weekday and Sunday mornings at 8 a.m.

John King on BPR | Jan. 5, 2020

Trenni Kusnierek talked about Tuesday’s fully-masked basketball game between Boston University and Holy Cross, a first in college basketball, and news that Indianapolis will host the entirety of the NCAA tournament for 2021. She also reflected on the Patriots’ losing 2020 season without quarterback Tom Brady. Kusnierek is an anchor and reporter for NBC Sports Boston.

Trenni Kusnierek on BPR | Jan. 5, 2020