Retired Colonel Andrew Bacevich Has Never Seen Military Leaders Criticize A President Like Some Are Now
Just a few days before President Trump addressed the graduating class at the U.S. Military Academy this week, hundreds of West Point graduates signed off on an open letter to the class of 2020, expressing their concern about "fellow graduates serving in senior-level, public positions [that] are failing to uphold their oath of office.” The letter did not name names, but it came not long after members of the National Guard and others forcefully cleared away peaceful protesters outside the White House. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by one of the signatories of that letter, retired Army Colonel and Boston University Professor Emeritus Andrew Bacevich.

'Greenwood Challenge' In Boston Calls On Corporate Community To Address Racial Economic Inequality
While a call for structural change to policing has been at the heart of many protests across the country, demonstrators have also been shining a light on other forms of systemic racism, including longstanding economic disparities. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Segun Idowu, executive director of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, and Herby Duverné, CEO of the security consulting firm The Windwalker Group. Duverné has kicked offthe Greenwood Challenge with a $100,000 donation to BECMA, and is calling on the corporate community to similarly donate and to commit to addressing the racial wealth gap.

Creating Art And Coming Together In The Coronavirus Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has forced community arts organizations to find new ways to foster community and share creative work. Cristina Quinn reports on a group of Boston teens who have risen to the challenge.