Democrats Duke It Out On The Debate Stage
The Democratic presidential candidates took the gloves off in a fiery debate Wednesday night ahead of Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday, with multiple contenders taking the opportunity to criticize stage newcomer Michael Bloomberg for his alleged sexist behavior, stop-and-frisk policy, and more.

Democratic strategists Wilnelia Rivera, founder of Rivera Consulting, and Steve Kerrigan, CEO of the 2012 DNC joined Jim Braude Thursday on Greater Boston to discuss all this and more.

What’s In A Name When It Comes To Elections?
With Wednesday's Democratic debate now complete, anyone tracking the race is likely familiar with all of the candidates’ names. But when it comes to pronouncing them, it’s a different matter – and voters don’t just have difficulty with the name ‘Buttigieg.’ Liz Neisloss hit the streets to get a sampling, and learned that when it comes to saying tough names, the home field advantage helps.

Topics In Travel: ‘Recline-gate,’ Carbon Offsetting, And More
"Boston Globe" travel writer Christopher Muther joined Jim Braude Thursday on Greater Boston to talk about the hot debate surrounding ‘recline-gate,’ the growing movement away from airplane travel for the sake of the environment and how his camera helped him through a recent difficult experience with eyesight loss.

IMHO: Trump's Bully Pulpit
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how President Trump has inspired a new wave of racist and xenophobic bullying among young people.