A Tale Of Four Massachusetts Political Figures And The 2020 Race
Former Massachusetts governor and current Utah Senator Mitt Romney made waves Wednesday when he broke with his Republican colleagues to vote for President Trump’s conviction in the impeachment trial. Meanwhile, Bill Weld, a rare fellow Republican rebel, continued his primary challenge against Trump, although he only gained one delegate to the president’s 38 in Iowa.

On the other side of the aisle, presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren reportedly shifted her campaign strategy following an apparently disappointing showing in the Iowa caucus, while former Gov. Deval Patrick focused on campaigning in New Hampshire ahead of that state’s primary next week.

Charles Chieppo, senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute; Paige Scott Reed, former general counsel for the Department of Transportation under Gov. Patrick; and Joan Vennochi, columnist for The Boston Globe joined Jim Braude Greater Boston Thursday to discuss.

Howard Bryant On The Need For ‘Dissidence’ In Fighting Systemic Racism
Author and ESPN writer Howard Bryant examined the legacy and pervasiveness of racism in American sports, pop culture, and political life in his new book, ‘Full Dissidence: Notes From An Uneven Playing Field.’

He joined Jim Braude to discuss his call for resistance against the status quo Thursday night on Greater Boston.

Why Does New Hampshire Have The Nation’s First Primary?
Adam Reilly explains how New Hampshire started hosting the nation’s first primary, and explores the arguments for and against the tradition.

IMHO: Let Them Vote
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why the voting age should be lowered to 16.