Is Division In America The New Normal?
The U.S. Senate acquitted President Trump Wednesday almost entirely along party lines, following a State of the Union speech the previous night filled with partisan moments. Is this the new reality for the U.S.? And is the Republican party now officially the party of Trump?

Heather Cox Richardson, a presidential historian from Boston College; and Jennifer Nassour, former chair of the Massachusetts Republican party and founder of Conservative Women For A Better Future, joined Greater Boston's Jim Braude Wednesday to talk about these topics.

What Do Teens In New Hampshire Want To Vote For? Health Care, Consistency And, Above All, Authenticity
As the focus shifts to New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, there's at least one voting block that's a little harder to pin down than the rest: first-time voters. Most were high-school freshmen when President Trump was elected president. Now, they're ready to have their say for the first time. Cristina Quinn spoke with a few such soon-to-be-voters in Manchester to see what they’re thinking ahead of election day.

Marcus Samuelsson Highlights The Food Of America’s Immigrant Communities In ‘No Passport Required’
While filming the second season of his PBS show, ‘No Passport Required,’ global restaurateur and chef Marcus Samuelsson explored a wide range of food traditions brought to the United States by immigrant communities.

In a recent episode based in Boston, Samuelsson profiled food from three local Portuguese-speaking cultures: Portuguese, Brazilian, and Cabo Verdean. Samuelsson joined Jim Braude Wednesday on Greater Boston to discuss.