The CEO of McDonald’s was fired Sunday after engaging in a consensual relationship with an employee that violated the company's policy, sparking questions from some about whether that was required or not for a consensual situation. Last week, former Rep. Katie Hill of California resigned following allegations of a consensual relationship with a campaign staffer, to which she admits, and a congressional staffer, which she has denied. Her case was complicated by the fact that the outlets that broke the story also published naked photos of her that she says were leaked by a controlling husband — otherwise known as revenge porn, a criminal offense in many states. Meanwhile, the man whose many allegations of sexual assault helped spur the #MeToo movement — Harvey Weinstein — was confronted at a New York comedy club.

To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Tina Opie, associate professor of management at Babson College, and Jen Deaderick, author of "She The People," an illustrated history of women’s citizenship.