Will The Politics On Gun Control Shift This Time?
Most Americans are in favor of expanded background checks for gun purchases, and President Donald Trump recently declared he was as well, in the wake of three recent mass shootings that left 34 dead in Texas, Ohio and California. The National Rifle Association is also in the midst of internal turmoil, as some Republican operatives told Washington reporters this week. But it remains to be seen just how far American opinions about gun control will shift, how Sen. Mitch McConnell will respond, and how far Democrats will push — and what for, exactly.

To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Jennifer Braceras, fellow with the conservative organization Independent Women’s Forum, and John Rosenthal, co-founder of the nonprofit organization Stop Handgun Violence.

'Boston Uncornered' Highlights Triumph Over Adversity
A new exhibit on the Boston Common highlights the journeys of local young people who left their former gangs behind, as well as a host of political and civic leaders from across the city describing their own stories of overcoming difficulties in life. "Boston Uncornered" is a series of 26 larger-than-life, black-and-white portraits by photographer John Huet in partnership with the program of the same name by College Bound Dorchester, which helps young adults leave gangs and get a college degree.

Jim Braude was joined by photographer John Huet, Boston Uncornered student Paul Burns, and Boston Uncornered college readiness advisor Luis Rodrigues.

The Subway Violinists Return
Six years after they went viral for their violin rendition of a Taylor Swift song, musicians Rhett Price and Josh Knowles are reunited and playing again in subways and public spaces around the city.

They joined Jim Braude to talk about their reunion, their sources of musical inspiration, and their upcoming performance at the Boston City Winery on Aug. 31.

IMHO: Endangering The Endangered
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the Trump administration’s plans to weaken the federal act that helped save the grizzly bear and bald eagle.