Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • NBC News' Chuck Todd gave updates on the latest in national politics.
  • Rebecca Traister, writer-at-large for New York Magazine, joined us to talk about her latest piece, which looks at Sen. Elizabeth Warren's career as an educator and whether it's a strength or liability on the campaign trail.
  • We opened the line to ask our listeners if they think Warren's career in the classroom helps on the campaign trail.
  • Criminal justice analyst Andrea Cabral spoke about the Trump administration's stance on gun control.
  • Mike Norton, behavioral economist at Harvard Business School, spoke about the healing power of humor in tragic situations. He also took calls from our listeners about how humor has helped them along the grieving process.
  • Heather Goldstone, WGBH's science correspondent and host of Living Lab Radio, described the present day impacts of climate change.
  • Medical ethicist Art Caplan explained why video games and mental illness are not to blame for mass shootings.