Since President Trump first announced his candidacy for president, critics have been calling his rhetoric racist. His comments and the conversation surrounding the comments have seeped into our political process, forcing politicians to reckon with race related issues in ways not seen since the civil rights movement.

Now Trump's rhetoric and the rise of white supremacy has brought race to the forefront of the 2020 elections and the Democratic presidential debates held be CNN this week.

Callie Crossley, the host of WGBH’s Under The Radar, joined Boston Public Radio Friday to talk about how the Candidates addressed issues of race during the debates.

"Everybody is struggling and trying to find a place in which to enter into the conversation," she said. "I'm about people trying to make an effort at least to acknowledge it and respond to it... because we are in a fraught political situation, for better or worse, and are forced to have to deal with the issue of race, and some people are trying their way a little bit better than others and each of them are trying to do it in their individual ways that speaks to their own experience."