The Abortion Fight In Massachusetts
As new laws restricting abortion access are passed in Alabama, Georgia, and several other states, some states like Massachusetts are considering legislative changes that would ensure and expand access to abortion care. Lawmakers on Beacon Hill take up the The Roe Act next week, which would bar the state from restricting access and give doctors the discretion to perform the procedure beyond the current 24-week limit.

In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by Rebecca Hart Holder, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, which is in favor of the bill, and C.J. Williams from Massachusetts Citizens For Life, which is opposed to the bill.

Continued Problems With The 911 Call System in Mass.
Following the death of his wife Laura Levis from an asthma attack right outside a hospital emergency room, journalist Peter DeMarco has written and advocated publicly about his loss in an attempt to prevent future tragedies. A new piece from him in The Boston Globe details the continued problems with the state’s 911 system, which does not always accurately locate a caller.

In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by Peter DeMarco to learn more about what’s wrong with the system and what fixes are needed.

David Ortiz’s Shooting Alarms Red Sox Fans And Members Of The Dominican Community
Red Sox legend David Ortiz is back in Boston and recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital after he was shot in the back while at a nightclub in his home city in the Dominican Republic over the weekend. The news has reverberated through Red Sox nation and the Dominican community, and as Tina Martin reports, fans in every corner of the city are rooting for Big Papi’s recovery.