Ford is eliminating about 7,000 white-collar jobs — or about 10% of its salaried workforce — as part of a previously announced company-wide global restructuring.

About 800 U.S. workers will be losing their jobs between now and August. Some workers are being laid off while others are being reassigned, Ford says.

It says the company's management team is shrinking by close to 20% as part of the restructuring, which will save Ford about $600 million a year.

In a letter to employees, Ford CEO Jim Hackett said the restructuring is reducing bureaucracy and making Ford "flatter" — meaning most teams have no more than 9 layers of management, rather than up to 14.

He acknowledged saying goodbye to colleagues is "difficult and emotional."

"We have moved away from past practices in some regions where team members who were separated had to leave immediately with their belongings, instead giving people the choice to stay for a few days to wrap up and say goodbye," he wrote.

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