Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • Juliette Kayyem discussed Tuesday’s school shooting in Colorado, and the new round of sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran. Kayyem is the Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and an analyst for CNN.
  • We opened up the lines and asked our listeners to respond to columnist Dugan Arnett’s column in the Boston Globe about whether or not men can pull of wearing sandals in the summer.
  • Boston Globe reporters Andrew Ryan and Beth Healey discussed their recent investigation into links between those who’ve worked in politics and Massachusetts’ marijuana industry.
  • We opened up the phone lines and asked our listeners how they feel about the Uber/Lyft driver strike, which took place on Wednesday.
  • Alex Beam discussed Denver’s push to legalize psychedelic mushrooms. Beam is a columnist for the Boston Globe, and author of the book “The Feud: Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the End of a Beautiful Friendship.”
  • Judge Richard Gergel discussed his new book “Unexampled Courage,” which examines how a racially charged case against a black WWII veteran during the Jim Crow era led to a political awakening for President Harry Truman.
  • Bob Thompson discussed a gaffe in last week’s episode of "Game of Thrones" involving a Starbucks cup left in a shot, and the series of finale of "Veep," which premieres this week.