Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Threat
Attorney General William Barr released an order last night denying bail to migrants who are detained while seeking asylum. The new policy is likely to face legal challenges. Meanwhile, the president has another plan for migrants who are released: ship them to so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities.’ Democrats say the President is simply trying to politicize the issue by punishing his enemies. Jim Braude was joined by two local mayor of such ‘sanctuary cities,’ Somerville mayor Joseph Curtatone and Cambridge mayor Marc McGovern.

Pot Shop Diversity In Mass. Will Take A Lot More Work
After Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana and the state was building the industry from scratch - activists and lawmakers established the country's first-ever statewide pot shop equity program. The goal was to make sure the new industry benefited the same communities of color that were disproportionately harmed by the War On Drugs, and arrested and convicted at higher rates than white residents. But so far, none of the 15 recreational stores in Massachusetts are operated by people of color. Jim Braude was joined by Boston Globe reporter Todd Wallack, who recently co-authored a Spotlight series on the rollout of the legal marijuana industry in the state; and entrepreneur Kobie Evans, who successfully reached a contract with the city to open a pot shop in Boston.

Traveling Art Project Honors Those Lost To Opioid Crisis
The Opioid epidemic has touched countless lives. One local effort hopes to reduce the stigma of addiction and create awareness — all while sparking conversation. As Tina Martin report, the Opioid Project tells the stories of families through art.

IMHO: Back to Basics
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why relying on GPS will get you nowhere.