A pair of presidents are inserting themselves into two of the hottest moments of our time — race and the #MeToo movement.

First, former President Bill Clinton was asked on the Today Show whether he feels any differently about the Monica Lewinsky scandal in light of the MeToo movement. He said he does not, adding, “I felt terrible then, and I came to grips with it.” He also said that he never personally apologized to her — though he later walked that statement back, saying he did, in fact, apologize to Lewinsky.

Never one to be overshadowed, President Donald Trump created his own controversy, re-igniting his battle with the NFL by formally rescinding an invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles, who were expected to celebrate their Super Bowl victory today at the White House. In lieu of hosting the Eagles, the White House held a ceremony to, as Trump put it, "honor our great country.”

Jim Braude was joined by his Boston Public Radio co-host and Boston Globe columnist, Margery Eagan, freelance journalist, Joanna Weiss, and former state treasurer, Joe Malone.