Do ABC, Starbucks Deserve Praise For Reactionary Efforts In Fighting Racism?
Do organizations like ABC and Starbucks deserve credit for reactionary moves to fight racism when they have failed to act proactively? Jim Braude was joined by Tina Opie, an associate professor of management at Babson College; Jen Deaderick, who is currently working on an illustrated history of women’s citizenship; and the Rev. Irene Monroe, a syndicated religion columnist and a WGBH News contributor.

Boston Harbor Barrier Wall
The official start to the 2018 hurricane season is right around the corner, and for cities like New York, New Orleans, Houston and Boston, living on the ocean can come with big risks. One big idea to protect the city is to build a wall around the harbor. But, as Stephanie Leydon reports, a new study out of UMass Boston might be pouring cold water on the plan.

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy On C-CHANGE And Simplifying The Conversation Around Climate Change
The conversation around climate change can be complicated, but former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy argues it doesn’t have to be. That’s exactly what she’s is hoping to change as the director of the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment — known as C-CHANGE — at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which just officially launched.

IMHO: Treat Puerto Rico How You Want To Be Treated
Jim weighs in on the island of Puerto Rico, where Americans are still struggling to rebuild from Hurricane Maria just days before the 2018 Hurricane Season begins.