Sinkholes, Figurative and Literal, At The White House Amid Russia Investigation Developments
A literal sinkhole has opened up outside the White House and if metaphors could talk, this one would be screaming about Trump’s “Spygate” allegations, a partisan intelligence sharing by the Justice Department. Jim Braude was joined by Ben Clements, a former federal prosecutor and partner at Clements & Pineault LLP, and Michael Astrue, former associate counsel to George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, to discuss.

Food Writer Michael Pollan On The Science Behind A Different Kind of Edible: Psychedelic Drugs
Journalist and author Michael Pollan joined Jim Braude to discuss his new book “How To Change Your Mind: What The New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying,” on the science behind hallucinogens.

Yoga For The People
Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, growing into a more-than $10 billion industry in the U.S. It's long been credited with reducing stress, controlling weight, and improving overall health but for many, it's viewed as a pastime of the privileged elite — a stereotype one woman set out to change. Tina Martin introduces us to our latest Greater Bostonian.

IMHO: The Consequences For White People Calling 911
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how to make white people think twice before calling the police on those who are doing nothing more than living life while black.