• Thanks to a new SEC requirement, publicly-traded companies have to disclose how their CEOs are paid compared to their employees. Does this give consumers a reason to do business at places where the distribution of wealth is more fair? We opened up the lines and got your take.
  • Jared Bowen, WGBH arts editor and host of "Open Studio,"brought us his weekly roundup of the best arts and cultural events around town.
  • Homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem debriefed the latest snag in U.S.-North Korea relations, new updates from the Russia investigation, and more.
  • The Royal Wedding is upon us. British Consul General in Boston Harriet Cross answered all of our questions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day.
  • Sue O'Connell, host of "The Take" on NECN, discussed anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively's race against Charlie Baker.
    Journalist Michael Pollan discussed his new book, "How To Change Your Mind," which explores how psychedelic drugs can help with addiction and depression. Then we opened up the lines and asked about your own experiences.

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