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BPR Full Show: 6/26/2018

BPR 6/26: Full Show

Obama Phone
President Barack Obama talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a phone call from the Oval Office, Monday, June 8, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.
Pete Souza/The White House/ Wikimedia Commons
BPR Full Show: 6/26/2018
  • We asked you: Should former President Barack Obama be out in public more defending the Democratic Party and stumping for candidates? Or should he let others step in?
  • Sports reporter Trenni Kusnierick discussed the NFL players who wrote an open letter to President Trump calling for criminal justice reform.
  • Christopher Muther, travel writer for The Boston Globe, talked about commercial airlines telling the government not to use their planes to transport migrant children to detention centers.
  • Columnist Alex Beam brought us the latest updates on his favorite World Cup team: Iceland.
  • Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn brought historical context to the Trump administration's use of dehumanizing language to describe immigrants.
  • CNN's John King analyzed the Supreme Court's travel ban decision.
  • We asked you about United Airlines' decision to get rid of their signature in-flight snack, the Stroopwafel. Is this just another indignity that us economy class travelers have to endure?
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