Today on Boston Public Radio:

Reuters recently documented 220 instances of death threats and harassment against school board members. We opened the lines to hear thoughts from teachers, students and everyone in between.

Juliette Kayyem discussed her latest column on how Elon Musk destroyed “disaster response Twitter,” and cleared up the facts surrounding the COVID-19 lab leak theory. She also touched on Rupert Murdoch's acknowledgement on Fox News hosts endorsing election fraud lies. Kayyem is a former assistant secretary for Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, and is faculty chair of the Homeland- Security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

For the remainder of the show, we were on tape replaying some of our favorite recent conversations with satirist Andy Borowitz; drag queen Nina West, also known as Andrew Levitt; Elle Simone Scott from America’s Test Kitchen; and Ray Angry, keyboardist for the legendary Roots.