Today on Boston Public Radio:

We opened the show by asking our listeners about the two recent mass shootings in California and why they think this country still hasn’t addressed gun violence.

Trenni Casey discussed how Red Sox fans booed the team’s ownership at their Winter Weekend event, marking the unofficial start of the 2023 seasons. She also discussed how young quarterbacks are now leading the NFL, now that all four teams left in the playoffs are led by a QB in their 20s. Casey is an anchor and reporter with NBC Sports Boston and a Boston Public Radio contributor.

Marcela García talked about the decision by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders to ban state agencies from using the term Latinx, as well as the disparity in media coverage between the disappearance of Ana Walshe and Reina Morales Rojas, a Salvadoran woman from East Boston who’s been missing since Thanksgiving. García is a columnist with the Boston Globe and sits on the paper’s editorial board.

Jenifer McKim and Amy Farrell dived into McKim’s reporting on how restaurants exploit undocumented immigrants. Farrell explained that undocumented workers often arrive in the U.S. owing thousands to smugglers and are then forced into a type of indentured servitude. McKim is the deputy investigative editor with GBH News. Farrell is the director of the School of Criminology at Northeastern University.

Billy Costa came on to discuss the new season of High School Quiz Show and the return of a live audience to the studio. He also barely survived a news quiz from today’s Boston Public Radio hosts, Jared Bowen and Margery Eagen, and then turned the tables on them with his own grilling. Costa is the host of GBH’s High School Quiz Show. Season 14 will premiere on GBH 2 and High School Quiz Show’s YouTube channel on Saturday, Feb. 4 at 6 p.m.

John King joined us remotely to dig into the breaking news that classified documents were also discovered in former Vice President Mike Pence’s home. King also gave his predictions on how Republicans are using the debt ceiling limit as leverage to force cuts on social spending programs. King is CNN’s Chief National Correspondent and the host of “Inside Politics,” airing weekdays at noon.

We ended the show by asking our listeners to share their stories about the difference between themselves and their siblings after a Washington Post article on how siblings may not be as similar genetically as previously thought.