Today on Boston Public Radio:

We started off asking listeners about their relationships — is settling a good idea, or should we hold out for "the one”?

Gov. Charlie Baker joined the show for our regular "Ask The Governor" segment where listeners' questions focused on the impending MBTA shutdown and what could be done about the region's spiraling housing costs. Baker is the governor of Massachusetts.

Gov. Charlie Baker on BPR | Aug. 18, 2022

Andrea Cabral shared her insights on the various legal investigations into President Donald Trump and associates, plus Massachusetts’ dropping prison population, the case of the Florida judge who ruled a 16-year-old was too young to decide to get an abortion and the Rhode Island radio host arrested on livestream while taking justice into his own hands. Cabral is the former Suffolk County sheriff and secretary of public safety, and former CEO of the cannabis company Ascend.

Andrea Cabral on BPR | Aug. 18, 2022

Michelle Wu joined the show for our regular "Ask The Mayor" segment to talk about the growing problem of online and offline harrassment, including that faced by doctors at Boston Childrens' Hospital and by women elected to public office. Listeners dialed in with questions about the MBTA shutdown and workarounds for getting around and updates on Boston Public Schools. Wu is the mayor of Boston.

Michelle Wu on BPR | Aug. 18, 2022