High temperatures — well above 90 degrees in some places — could stick around for a four- to six-day heatwave in Massachusetts, GBH meteorologist David Epstein said.

Most areas received a little bit of rain Monday, giving us a much-needed break from the ongoing drought. But as of Tuesday, the heat is here. Daytime temperatures are reaching the 90s and are expected to stay there through the weekend.

“Before today, Boston had only recorded two days of 90-degree weather this year, but that is now about to change,” Epstein said.

Expect highs in the 90s Tuesday, along with a westerly wind, which Epstein noted could help: “the wind will help ventilate the air so it won't feel quite so oppressive."

The National Weather Service also issued an advisory about high humidity levels. High humidity makes it harder for people to cool off by sweating, meaning the risk of heat-related illness is higher. High heat and humidity are especially dangerous for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, or for those in homes without air conditioning.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a heat emergency for most of the week, opening cooling centers across the city. The city is also opening more than 50 splash pads around town.

A weather prediction map of the United States showing temperatures above the normal range across all of the lower 48 states from July 26 to Aug. 1, 2022
The heat is likely here to say, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast.

Most of the region can expect more of the same Wednesday. The only respite will be in eastern Essex County and on Cape Cod, as well as places with higher elevations like parts of Worcester County. Those areas can expect to stay in the 80s.

Thursday will have highs in the mid-90s again, with a mix of clouds and sunshine and a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. As of Tuesday, Epstein said, he expects the heatwave to continue into the weekend.

“Summer heat obviously is nothing new,” Epstein said. “Heat waves have been occurring for as long as records have been kept. The longest heat wave in Boston runs nine days, and I don't expect that we will come close to that. However, there's the chance we have a four- to six day heat wave taking us through the weekend.”