This week, a special encore edition of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley:

Have you heard the buzz? Today is the last day of Massachusetts Pollinator Week — a time when advocates raise awareness about the vital role that bees, and other pollinators, play in our lives. Yet we're all feeling the sting as pollinators — and bees in particular — continue to rapidly decline. In Massachusetts alone, colonies of bees dropped by 47% in 2021, according to Bee Informed Partnership.

That's why last year, Massachusetts took steps to protect pollinators, becoming the first state in the country to regulate a specific harmful pesticide. Meanwhile, local beekeepers have become a political force in the state, teaming up with scientists, policymakers and everyday people to save the bees. They say if their effort fails, we just might be the ones who need saving.


Carolyn Dykema served as state representative of the 8thMiddlesex District in Massachusetts up until February. She now serves as Northeast policy director at Nexamp, a solar energy company.

Mary Duane is president of the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association, and has been beekeeping for over 20 years.

Noah Wilson-Rich is the CEO and co-founder of The Best Bees Company, a Boston-based company that installs and maintains honeybee hives in urban centers across the country.