Allegations of racist behavior led to two Everett city officials resigning this week after months of public outrage, but some locals are pushing for further accountability.

Cory McCarthy, the chief equity officer for Everett Public Schools, told Sue O'Connell on Greater Boston that Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria should also step down.

"It's two different kinds of Everett, right? Are we holding this mayor accountable to what he says or what he does? He should resign based on us holding him accountable to what he does," McCarthy said. "But if they want to continue with someone who has been speaking in quite frankly a silo of emptiness for so long and not really following through on the things he says, sure."

Everett City Councilor Anthony DiPierro and city communications director Deanna Deveney resigned over making racially insensitive comments, which sparked outrage among residents of the city.

McCarthy said high school students in Everett who spoke out at a rally Monday were part of a long tradition of young people who "move the mountains" in calling for DiPierro and Deveney to resign and for other leaders to take on responsibility.

Boston Globe reporter Stephanie Ebbert, who first published details about the most recent accusations, said many residents felt disrespected and ignored as they raised concerns about the city employees at several city council meetings.

"The reason we're hearing about this and this is all happening now is people have really had it with this," Ebbert said. "I do think there is a lot more to come. This is nowhere near resolved."

In a statement Monday announcing their resignations, DeMaria said, "It is critical for our residents to know that we maintain our committment to engage, educate and elevate those who work and live here to ensure that Everett is a community where everyone feels embraced."

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