This week, a federal judge struck down the CDC’s authority to mandate masks on public transportation, a move that many health officials oppose. Experts on Greater Boston told Jim Braude that decisions like those shouldn’t be left up to the legal system.

"I think it's disappointing that a judge was actually the decision maker. I think even if the mandate is coming to an end, it seems like a sorry end to kind of the authority of the CDC in our public health arena,” said Dr. Louise Ivers, executive director of MGH Center for Global Health.

Although some people celebrated the end of masking on planes and public transportation, others worry about the spread of coronavirus, especially to the elderly and young children.

"I think from a social point of view, it's a really unsatisfying answer to say 'okay, well, people should just decide," said Carmel Shachar, executive director of Harvard Petrie-Flom Center.

Ivers noted that the last two years have been "a total mess" around public health messaging as things constantly move and change. According to Shachar, state and federal government officials, in many cases, seem to have thrown in the towel when it comes to battling COVID.

"To see our leaders get COVID fatigue and not think that it's worth spending money to protect the lives of Americans is frankly disappointing," said Shachar.

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