This week on Under the Radar with Callie Crossley:

You’ve probably heard about the recent federal report estimating up to a foot of sea level rise by 2050, creating dangerous coastal flooding. Too much doom and gloom? Well, there’s a cohort of young activists using social media to inspire climate action. Plus, green transportation gets a boost in Massachusetts, with three free bus lanes in Boston and millions of dollars funding electric vehicle charging stations around the state.

Those stories and more on our environmental roundtable.


Dr. Aaron Bernstein is interim director of The Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital, and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Beth Daley is the editor and general manager at The Conversation U.S.

Sam Payne, is a digital organizer and communications specialist at the Better Future Project.