A new report from the Boston Women's Workforce Council found that, on average, women in Boston make just 70 cents for every dollar a man makes, and this gap only widens when comparing the pay women of color receive to white men’s. Kim Borman, Executive Director of the BWWC and Ayanna Polk, communications and outreach manager in Mayor Michelle Wu’s Office of Women’s Advancement joined Sue O’Connell on Greater Boston to discuss.

Borman explained that she is working with the mayor’s office to develop a wage calculator that companies can use to identify inequities. For example, bonus pay can be very subjective, and there is even more inequality there: women make just 30 cents to a man’s dollar in bonus pay.

“It’s not tough math, it’s just different math,” she said.

Polk said the city is looking closely at childcare as an area that impacts the wage gap, as record numbers of women have left jobs during the pandemic. “We’ve taken economic equity as something that’s very important to us,” she said.

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