Boston Pride is in full swing this week with virtual events to celebrate LGBTQ+ residents, but some members of the community have not felt as welcomed, with longstanding criticisms about a lack of diversity in the organization’s leadership recently gaining steam, and critiques mounting about brands and corporations engaging in so-called ‘rainbow-washing.’

In for Jim Braude, Sue O’Connell was joined by Reverend Irene Monroe, a media commentator and co-host of the ‘All Rev’d Up’ podcast, and Chastity Bowick, co-founder of Trans Resistance Massachusetts, which is hosting a march this Saturday starting at Nubian Square.

Bowick is calling out Boston Pride for a “lack of inclusion” and a “lack of diversity” especially when it comes to the local trans community: “We are fighting not only to be seen outside of our community, but within our own community — fighting to be seen, fighting to be heard, to have a seat of the table.”

WATCH: Boston Pride's diversity problem and questions about corporate America's 'rainbow-washing'