For Marcy Jacobs and her children Jackie and Seth, the loss of her husband and their father, Keith Jacobs, remains at the forefront of their minds, even a year after his death from COVID-19. With restrictions relaxed, all three are working to ensure their family member and others are not forgotten as the state begins recovering from the pandemic. Part of that means continuing to talk about him, but it also means something physical. A memorial is planned in Holliston to remember COVID-19 victims in Massachusetts and around the country. The family says Keith’s sacrifice will always be remembered.

We also spoke with Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, who is preparing for the next COVID-19. Bhadelia is the founding director of Boston University's new Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research. The center, which launched this week, plans to study what we can learn from past epidemics and pandemics to plan for and prevent future ones.

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Marcy and Seth Jacobs, Jackie Winder - 4:29
Dr. Nahid Bhadelia - 17:00